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About Us

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     The AIA Union Medical Centre (AUMC) is a joint establishment by AIA and Union Hospital. Our mission is to promote health and improve the healthcare service in Hong Kong through direct collaboration between the insurance and healthcare sectors.

Clinical Governance

A Medical Advisory Committee which comprises of professors and doctors with vast clinical and administrative experience has been formed to oversee the professional performance and credentialing of doctors who practise in AUMC.

There are regular reviews on performance from patient experience to clinical efficiency. Near miss and sentinel events have to be reported to the regulating body. This practice ensures high standard of care comparable to other institutions.

Prof Sydney Chung
Dr York Chow
Dr Ares Leung
Dr James Hwang
Dr Yu Kai Man
Dr Lai Sik To
Dr Wilson Ip
Ms Cheng Sau Yu, Christina
Chief Medical Executive
Dr Terence Fung
 Affiliated Doctors 
Dr Wong Siu Wang
Dr Yiu Ying Chang Raymond
Dr Fan Tam Ting Tina
Dr Ng Chung Kei Daniel
Dr Yau Kam Wing Chris
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